It will be the Christmas Swim this Saturday and as I mentioned last week there will be a 1K Fly challenge for those that want to try it.  Most people did 450m Fly in the session two weeks ago and 750m Fly in the session last week so 1K of Fly should be achievable for many of us if you do Fly drills where necessary.  We will be breaking it up with plenty of 100s front crawl, as well as a couple of Brucey-bonus extra rests, so the key to achieving this challenge will be to pace yourself and drop back to doing a much easier Fly drill – such as single-arm – when you need to.

Of course, like all our sets, it is optional whether or not you do the Fly at all and if you really can’t, or don’t want to, you can always do back stroke or breast stroke instead when I have put Fly in the set.  I won’t be offended!  Please just make sure that what you end up swimming fits in with your fellow lane swimmers so you don’t disrupt the lane.

The Christmas Swim this year should be a personal challenge and I suggest you aim to swim it at a level that is right for you.  Some of you could not swim Butterfly at all until a couple of weeks ago so doing even half of the session this week is an achievement you should be proud of.  However, if you want some ideas on a suitable “level” of challenge then I suggest the following as a guide:

  • Level 1 – you read this and decide you will give it a go.
  • Level 2 – you set your alarm 10 minutes earlier for Saturday to make sure you are on time.
  • Level 3 – you get up when your alarm goes off and make sure you are on the poolside 5 minutes before the session starts.
  • Level 4 – you start the session at a nice steady pace with the aim of getting as far as possible.
  • Level 5 – you swim at least half of the session.
  • Level 6 – you swim 75% of the session.
  • Level 7 – you swim all of the repetitions and miss only 100m of the distance.
  • Level 8 – you swim at least 50% of the Fly.
  • Level 9 – you swim 75% of the Fly.
  • Level 10 – you do the whole session swimming all the Fly.
  • Level 20 – you do both sessions!
  • Level 30 – you do both sessions with a hangover, wearing a t-shirt and baggy shorts, while singing “We wish you a Merry Christmas” during the rest intervals…

See you Saturday!