I want to continue the focus on efficiency this week by doing something slightly different – Butterfly!  The idea here is that we all find Butterfly the hardest stroke of all to do, and the most tiring.  Therefore, by putting some Butterfly into the middle of a long front-crawl set we will all need to focus on being as efficient and relaxed as possible when the swimming front crawl reps to make sure we have enough energy to do the Butterfly sections.

As before, try and keep the efficiency by relaxing and keeping your stroke count low.  Do this by making sure each underwater pull takes you as far as possible by pushing with your hands, and keeping your hands ahead of your elbows, just like you are swimming over a submerged barrel that you must push yourselves past.

To make the Butterfly sections easier please re-read the post I put on Butterfly technique for this a few weeks ago.  Also, we will do some more Butterfly technique before the main set to give you chance to practise and we will do some single-arm Fly drills and extra Fly kick (also called dive Fly) drills to make it easier.  These drills are very good for learning Fly, and also should be a lot less tiring, so if you can’t manage the full distances for Fly in the main set then please drop back to Fly drills.  See the following video for a demo of the Fly drills we will be doing:

See you Saturday!