Last week we did back stroke alongside our usual front crawl sets so this week it is the turn of breast stroke.  But this is a waste of time, I hear you cry, as breast stroke is completely different to front crawl.  Breast stroke certainly is very different to front crawl and has more similarities with Butterfly in the way it is swum by top swimmers today.  However, breast stroke does have a very similar catch to front crawl – you just happen to do it with both arms at the same time.

A good breast stroke catch should keep your elbows high and start by pressing down and out with the hands to pull your body over the top of your hands.  The great thing about breast stroke pull is that you are looking forwards at the start of this so have a much better view and impression of what your hands are doing that you do on front crawl when your head is looking down.  After each pull the most important thing to do is glide – in a lovely, streamlined position – and you should be counting to 2 slowly in your head while gliding.  If this is the only thing you remember to do when you do breast stroke this week it is to remember this count of 2 when you glide. Watch a following video for a great example of this breast stroke pull:

See you all Saturday!