This Saturday I want to focus on a good body position in all the sets we do – from the warm up all the way to the warm down. The most common fault I see in the pool on Saturday mornings in a loss of streamlining with the head being held too high in the water. A high head pushes your hips down in the water reducing streamlining, slowing you down and making you work harder for the same speed. For a better head position see the following video: (with thanks to John Woollatt for pointing me at this video)

This video also has the bonus of showing the high elbow catch really well that I keep banging on about week-after-week!

To help work on a good body position I would like everyone to work on good streamlining off the wall. Why should triathletes bother about streamlining off the wall when they are training for open water races with no walls to push off? I believe good streamlining off the wall is really important because if you get that correct, with your head in the right position at the start of each length, you will find it much easier to maintain good body position for more of each and every length. And as an added benefit you will swim 3m less per 100m as you go an extra 1m off every turn for no extra effort!

Watch the following video and fast forward to 1:38:

Almost everyone that swims on a Saturday morning pushes off the wall like the guy shown from 1:38 in the video. We will be practising swimming more like the guy at the start of the video so now watch that part of the video and come along on Saturday prepared to practise your streamlining from the very first length of the warm up!