Check out this video for a demonstration of some drills I will be setting at some upcoming Saturday sessions:

The two I want to focus on are the “quick catch” and “high swingers” drills.

Quick catch is a great drill I have used in sessions in the past and having done it myself think is a good one for working on the high elbow position for the catch at the start of the stroke.

“High Swingers” is a horrible name so I call it “Straight Arm Recovery” which I think is a bit more descriptive and a lot less naff. This is a great drill for working on shoulder roll and I have also found it very useful to cure a fault I see with many triathletes – over-reaching. Over-reaching at the front of your stroke puts you in a weak position for the catch and also can cause snaking as you reach too far forwards and kick your hips out of from their streamlined position. This drill stops that by bringing your arm straight over – with a good rotation – and ready for a strong catch.

Check out the video and get ready to try these drills if you haven’t already!